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Discounted Citi Bike membership available for NYCHA residents, by Nathan Weiser

Citi Bike, the bike sharing company that has taken over New York City in the last few years, has stations at 14 different locations in Red Hook, many of which are in close proximity to our NYCHA developments.

Everyone who lives in the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Red Hook Houses is eligible for a $5 a month discounted Citi Bike membership.

Zodet Negron, who is the Deputy Press Secretary for NYCHA, said that the Housing Authority and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have been working to promote this discounted membership with the residents.

“I know they (DOT) have been working with us on promoting this with residents at events such as family days,” Negron said. “We have promoted as well on social media and other platforms for residents.”

NYCHA residents can sign up online with their NYCHA Account Number (found on your tenant rent bill), birthday, and a credit or debit card.

After getting your membership online you then find an available bike at a station nearby and use your member key or a ride code to unlock the bike. You can then return your bike to any station, making sure the green light comes on to make sure that the bike is locked.

A normally priced single Citi Bike ride costs $4 and includes one ride of up to 40 minutes, according to Citi Bike’s website. A day pass costs $12 for a 24-hour period, and a monthly membership costs $14.95 with an annual commitment.

“Citi Bike aims to offer New Yorkers an affordable, accessible and fun new transportation option,” the Citi Bike website says. “All New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents 16 years and older qualify for a $5/month Citi Bike membership with an annual commitment. You will get an unlimited number of rides for a whole year.”

According to a DOT spokesperson, members of participating Community Development Credit Unions are also eligible for the discounted Citi Bike memberships, of which more than 5,700 have been sold to date.

“DOT has a myriad of ways to promote this option, including at public workshops, events and NYCHA tenant association meetings,” the DOT spokesperson said. “Also, through community partners, advertisements near NYCHA campuses and via a pilot program where NYCHA residents promote the program and lead community rides.”

The first 45 minutes of each ride are included in the membership price, according to the Citi Bike website. You will be charged usage fees if you use a bike longer than 45 minutes at a time. A ride begins when a bike is unlocked and ends when the bike is securely returned to any Citi Bike location.

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