Red Hook Remembers Rose Valenti, by Francois Lecompte and Viviana Gordon

This obituary was originally published in the July 2017 print edition.

After almost a century of living in Red Hook, Rose Valenti (née Yodice) passed away on June 5, 2017 at the age of 98. Rose was born on February 1, 1919 at 343 Van Brunt St.

Rose was one of seven children with three sisters (Millie, Anne, and Fannie) and three brothers (Dominic, Michael, and Eddie). She attended school at P.S. 30 on Conover Street. She is survived by her son Michael Valenti and husband Marco Valenti, who still lives in their home on Van Brunt Street.

At the end of this month, Marco and Rose would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. They were married at Visitation Church on June 29, 1947 and gave birth to Michael the following year. Marco and Rose met in 1946 after Marco returned from serving as a medic in the 94th Infantry Division in World War II, where he received a bronze star and purple heart for his service.

At the time, Rose was working in a bakery on the corner of Van Brunt and Coffey Streets that was famous for their hot cross buns and apple turnovers, but Marco only had eyes for Rose. Rose was an excellent cook and loved children.

After they were married, Rose worked at P.S. 27 for two years before transferring to P.S. 15 when it first opened. Rose subsequently worked at P.S. 15 for 44 years in the school cafeteria where she was beloved by students and staff, including the late Patrick Daly who was a dear friend.

Marco and Rose loved to travel and went on many trips to San Francisco and, most fondly, to The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Rose spent her life giving and doing things for others out of the kindness of her heart. Rose is remembered as a good-hearted and generous person by all, a wonderful mother to Michael, and the “woman of my life” to Marco.   

Francois Lecompte and Viviana Gordon are tenants of the Valenti home. The Lecompte family and Viviana have fond memories of Rose as a strong woman, even in the last years of her life. They will continue to care for the rose garden that Rose planted in the backyard so it may continue to bloom beautifully every spring.   

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