Red Hook Senior Center

Seniors get their own center, and Miccio gets its basement back, by George Fiala

The dance celebration during the opening of the senior center.
More than five years after their Wolcott Street Senior Center was damaged by the Hurricane Sandy floodwaters, Red Hook seniors finally moved into a new building of their own.
Since the hurricane, seniors were allowed a half day, which included lunch, in the basement of the Miccio Center, 110 West 9th Street.
The building next to the Miccio (110 West 9th Street), which is now the new senior center, had housed a Head-Start program, which moved out in 2012. After Sandy, City Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez funded what was thought to be enough money to refurbish the building for the seniors in one years time.
Three years and $3 or more million dollars later, the new building finally opened with a dance party, lunch, all day programs, a computer room and new offices for the Raices staff.
Still unthought about is the large backyard that had been used as a playground for the children. No doubt the seniors, who can still shake a tail-feather, will provide many ideas to Councilman Carlos Menchaca and NYCHA.
120 West 9th Street is the new location for the senior center.
The new kitchen space inside of the senior center.

A senior enjoying the new pool table at the senior center.

Eduardo, with his brother behind him, enjoys dancing at the new senior center.

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